The corporate goal is to maintain a "relationship based company" that can effectively manage its annual volume. Offering top quality work, reliability, and a commitment to timely project completion at or under budget, Kunzik & Sara has experienced steady growth since its inception.

Our Mission

Kunzik & Sara Construction, Inc. embraces a strong commitment to project safety and believes in doing the job right the first time in a fast and efficient manner. Kunzik & Sara accomplishes this by incorporating safe work practices, current construction processes, and the newest building technology into their time-honored methods. Kunzik & Sara has strong alliances with recognized engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers and works hard at maintaining those relationships in a positive, team-like atmosphere.

Core Values

Consistency and dependability provide the framework of daily operations at Kunzik & Sara Construction, Inc., values which exemplify the company's attitude as a whole. Our focus on quality and speed is fueled entirely by the desire to deliver the finest project possible, while rapidly continuing client business development. The commitment to treat all people honestly and respectfully contributes to the development of successful relationships with our customers and professional affiliates.

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